A Guide to the Best Activities in Mykonos by Dolce Vita Villa!

Best Activities in Mykonos

Visiting an island like Mykonos is full of thrills and interesting things to do. In Dolce Vita Villa we take the activities of Mykonos and how to live them to a higher level. Explore hidden corners and natural beaches with comfort and style. How? Find out in the guide of the best activities in Mykonos and let the people of Dolce Vita Villa arrange all the details.

Luxury yacht rental. This is exactly what you need to explore Mykonos, the beaches, the nearby islands and do some of your favourite sports, like diving, or just relax and enjoy the cruise to the deep blue of the Aegean Sea.

Private Tours. Ask the people of Dolce Vita Villa to arrange a private tour to the sites of Mykonos. Visit the Town and the beautiful churches that unfold the real beauty of the Aegean island. Do that in the comfort of your private luxurious car or minivan.

Water Sports. The beaches of Mykonos welcome every summer thousands of surfers and visitors who enjoy the sea games. We can arrange all the details for a surfing experience at the beach of Kalafatis or elsewhere.

Horseback riding. This is not a very well-known activity in Mykonos but is a very beautiful one. A horseback riding excursion in one of Mykonos’ beaches at sunset time is a very special experience.

Delos & Rhenia Day Trip. The sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of god Apollo, is one of Greece’s most important archaeological sites. Combine it with a pass by the neighbouring island of Rinies and enjoy the magical sea landscape, that even Gods loved it.

Nearby Island & Unspoiled Beaches. Everything is way more joyful when you are able to enjoy it with your beloved ones. Let the people of Dolce Vita Villa to arrange a trip to the nearby islands of Tinos and more or just arrange some stops to beaches that can be reached only by boat.

Yoga & Beauty. We are now returning to your Dolce Vita Villa to enjoy an activity that will rejuvenate you! Arrange a massage or yoga session at the privacy of your villa’s premises and feel even more beautiful and relaxed after all these activities.

We gave you an idea for the best activities in Mykonos! The information, the scheduling and the detail arrangements is something that the people of Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos will be delighted to take care of. More ideas though you can find at www.mykonosdolcevita.com