Nights in Mykonos island and Dolce Vita Villa!

Mykonian Nights

You know that one thing that makes the island of Mykonos famous across the world is its nightlife. The island of Mykonos offers a cosmopolitan beach life during the day, but when night comes the island then the possibilities for a great time are endless! Whether you choose to stay in, go out or combine both options, you will certainly feel the magic of the Mykonian nights.

In Town. The sparkling stars on the sky and the colourful lights in the Town (Chora) of Mykonos are the first look that you will take of the Mykonian night before becoming part of it. Strolls in the Town where the small elegant bars stand almost side by side and the clubs are intriguing you to start your night with cocktails, drinks listening to music and watching the people pass by, chatting and enjoying the vibrancy of a summer night in Mykonos. Start with a dinner in a restaurant, or grab a bite from the street food vendors, indulge in an ice cream and wander around the cobblestone alleys before you choose where you will have the first drinks of the night. The action though does not stop here. Clubs with Greek and international music are spread across Town and it is definite that in Mykonos even the first sun beams do not bring the end of your night out. You can go on for as long as you like.

In Dolce Vita Villa. If you prefer to stay in for the night, the Dolce Vita Villa is as beautiful and charming at night as it is during the daytime. Maybe even a tad more. The evocative lighting, the alluring premises and the chance to enjoy a drink at any corner of the garden or next to the infinity pool gazing at the stars and dreaming for as long as you like. But things in Dolce Vita Villa are not always quiet and peaceful. You can organize a small party, have a bar tender, enjoy a dinner or whatever will make your night as pleasurable as you have dreamed of. The people of Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos can provide and create the perfect night in Mykonos!

Find some of Dolce Vita Villa’s suggestions for a great night out in Mykonos here where for more we will be delighted to share with you any additional information.