The architecture of Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos island!

Villa in Mykonos

Dolce Vita Luxury Villa Mykonos has been selected by the Architectural Digest (USA) as one of the top houses in the world in its category” and we are really proud to have delivered not just another villa for your holidays in Mykonos but an architectural gem made for your well- being and unforgettable vacation in Greece.

The biggest challenge when we were designing the Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos, was to achieve the harmonious and balanced positioning of the villa at the surrounding environment. The wilderness of Mykonos’ nature and the land’s material, like stones, were the main source of inspiration for the final building’s design and the dominate material for the creation of the Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos.

“The elegant Mykonian architectural lines of the exterior hide inside them spaces with special character built and decorated to the last detail with exquisite taste and hand-picked materials”. This pretty much summarizes the architectural idea for Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos, whereas a great deal of attention was paid to the lighting of the villa in order to create a magical atmosphere after sunset. The text states that “the gorgeous lighting makes a difference giving the house a really aristocratic feeling, more like a luxury countryside lodge beautifully aged”.

So how does it feel to live and holidaying in Dolce Vita Villa in terms of architecture? First of all, there is a lots of space, indoors and outdoors, for your comfortable stay. The land area of 10.000 m² ensures that everyone has plenty of space to enjoy staying here! What makes though Dolce Vita Villa standing out and gaining a recognition at the Architectural Digest (USA) is the total incorporation of the building to the surrounding nature and the creation of a villa that is a beautiful building, with unobstructed sea views and an allure that reflects the true Mykonian spirit and beauty. To book now and experience staying with us just click on