Feels like home: Inside the Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos!

Inside the Dolce Villa in Mykonos

You definitely need the sun of Mykonos and the views to the dazzling blue of the Aegean Sea and you get both when you book in Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos. However, the interiors of your lodging are definitely the ones that make quite the difference. In Dolce Vita Villa, overlooking the beach of Agrari, all the indoor areas are made to make you feel like home and we mean it. Follow us inside the Dolce Villa in Mykonos and get the first glimpses of what happens when you are entering your villa in Mykonos!

In fact, Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos is a complex of four independent houses featuring 5 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, an attic, dining areas, a study and more. It is designed for VIP guests traveling with help and their people who need to stay in their very own premises. But let’s return to our travel inside the Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos and visit the spacious and homely main living. Here you will feel like you never left home!

All houses of Dolce Vita Villa can be independent and satisfy their guests’ needs. Below you can see the pool house, decorated with sophisticated details where a couple can unwind and enjoy their stay in Mykonos. In all Dolce Vita Villa indoor premises, we gave a cosy allure and warmth that will make you feel like you are visiting your very own private villa.

We decorated the indoors of Dolce Vita Villa with international and naval stylish details so that anyone feel at home. The country styled kitchen for example is the perfect spot to have a morning coffee before opening your windows to the surrounding beauty of Mykonos and the Aegean islands.

To discover all premises and book this villa that definitely feels like home just click on www.mykonosdolcevita.com/gallery.