From Mykonos to the nearby islands: Greek Island Hopping 2016 Update and travel ideas by Dolce Vita Villa Mykonos!

Greek Island Hopping 2016

The most common thing to happen while you are staying in Dolce Vita Villa Mykonos is that you don’t want to step outside the premises for a single moment. But this is quite unfair if you haven’t visited the nearby islands of the Cyclades. Especially if you are planning a long stay with us, we suggest you to arrange a cruise or a visit to the islands which are close to the lively Mykonos.

Travelling to the nearby islands. We do have two main ideas to start your Greek Island Hopping 2016. First is to take the boats and vessels sailing from the new port of Mykonos while the more exclusive one is to let the people of Dolce Vita Villa to arrange all the details for a private cruise with a modern catamaran or any other type of vessel you desire. The final option will also allow you to stop in secluded beaches for swimming and stay on the selected islands for as long as you like.

Nearby islands worth visiting. Let’s now move on to the main subject of the Greek Island Hopping 2016. Which islands are worth visiting and are close to Mykonos? From Mykonos sail to the traditional and picturesque Tinos to admire the long history in marble sculpture and the tastes of the island. Visit also the island of Andros or change your route to the south towards the islands of Paros for the lovely seaside villages, Naxos to discover the history and the gastronomy of the island as well as for the laid back spirit. Last but not least, reach the volcanic shores of Santorini to admire the unique caldera, swim in black sandy beaches, taste the unique wines and of course find out why the sunset in Santorini is famous.

Of course, there are many other hidden island gems in the Aegean Sea worth visiting. Go for the private cruise organized by the people of Dolce Vita Villa Mykonos and get ready for summer thrills that you will live in no other place on earth! Just click on to start choosing the right accommodation in Mykonos!