24hours in Dolce Vita Villa: Tips for your great stay in Mykonos!

We are pretty sure that once you step into the lovely Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos, near the beach of Agrari, and settling in you will start thinking of which are the best things to do to enjoy your holidays even more. We will give you some ideas that will enrich your stay with us even more! Remember it’s up to you to fit our recommendations to your schedule in the Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos.

Morning. Sweet as in Dolce, the mornings in Dolce Vita Villa start as you open your windows to good morning the sea in front of you, the bright sun and the endlessly clear horizon. Then it comes to the breakfast. You can make your own breakfast yourself with goodies that you can order and be provided by us, or you can order the breakfast to arrive at your villa when you wake up! Then a quick dive in the pool and off we go for summer activities like visiting beaches, wind surfing or a private guided tour!

Noon. If you remain in the Dolce Vita Villa then the hot hours of noon are the best time for relaxing under the sun with dives in the swimming pool, reading your favourite book, or just taking a nap at the sun loungers. If you prefer the shadows over the sun, then at the garden’s corners you will find some coolness. As for lunch is up to you to decide if you will have some BBQ fun or have a private chef prepare a delicious meal just for you!

Afternoon. Now it is time for cocktails and more swimming pool fun as the sun gets ready to set. Afternoons are also a lovely time to visit the beach of Agrari, or arrange a horseback ride by the beach.

Night. Nights are magical in Dolce Vita Villa! The atmospheric lighting, the stars in the sky, the serenity of the landscape create a soothing atmosphere that is totally up to you to choose whether you want to relax or organize a cocktail party; the people of Dolce Vita Villa can support both of your moods.