Themed Holidays in Mykonos Island: The Dolce Vita Proposals, Part II.

Themed holidays in Mykonos

We continue Dolce Vita Villa’s special to the themed holidays in Mykonos with suggestions for honeymooners, business partners and the benefits of visiting and holidaying off season in Mykonos Island. Read all about these kinds of holidays in Mykonos and what Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos has to suggest. Keep in mind that your holidays in Mykonos and Dolce Vita Villa are always planned to match the exact needs of our guests!

Honeymoon & Romantic Holidays in Mykonos! The made-for-two suggestions of Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos will take your love to yet another level! First of all, the privacy of our villa ensures that you will enjoy your time with your significant other as much as you like! Moreover, we can take of special dinners prepared by top end chefs at the Villa accompanied by live music, pre-booking at the best restaurants and bars in town, special sunset arrangements both indoors and at the best spots of Mykonos and private trips by yacht to the nearby island of Delos. We can also take care of special decoration details to make your stay in Dolce Vita Villa even more romantic. Read more at

Corporate Holidays in Mykonos! The island of Mykonos is among the top destinations for a corporate retreat and the people of Dolce Vita Villa Mykonos know how to elevate this experience even further. Some of the suggestions include relaxing activities such as yoga and massage, activities like scuba diving, wind surfing, kite surfing, martial arts lessons, private yacht trips and private beach parties, whereas for your nights out, the people of Dolce Vita Villa can arrange for you VIP priority booking at clubs! For more corporate ideas just visit

Off Season Holidays in Mykonos! Did you know that during mid September to the end of October the sea is the warmest in the entire season? This is just one thing to enjoy if you visit Mykonos off season; also, the prices are much more affordable, the temperatures milder and everything is less crowded. Plus the Dolce Vita Villa becomes a perfect place for seclusion and relaxation. Finally, keep an eye for the Easter celebration (normally in April) to visit the island and live a unique experience! More at

There are of course more to enjoy in Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos according to your needs and you can read all about it at