The beaches of Agrari & Elia: the closest beaches to Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos.

The beaches of Agrari and Elia in Mykonos island

Consider yourself lucky when you book in Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos for yet another reason. Two of the most famous beaches of Mykonos island are located nearby; the beaches of Agrari and Elia. They look like the two sides of Mykonos beach life and according to your mood you can visit the one that you feel more like. Come along as we are stepping down to the beaches of Agrari and Elia in Mykonos island.

The beach of Agrari. Let’s start with the more quite one. Like the neighbouring Elia, the beach of Agrari is a golden sandy beach featuring a restaurant and a beach bar, umbrellas, sun loungers and water sport facilities. This beach is a favourite among nudists and here you will come when you really want to enjoy swimming, lounging and feel the allure of a deep blue sea with lovely views to the nearby islands.

The beach of Elia. You can reach the beach of Elia by simply walking at the rock that divides it from Agrari. The scenery at Elia beach is totally different. Crowds of all sorts of visitors, fancy restaurants, beach bars and water sports activities for all. It is considered among the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos, where it is one of the longest golden, sandy, organized beaches on the island. Visit the beach of Elia when you feel more energized and want to indulge into the true beauty of coastal Mykonos as you are gazing to the people that never stop walking at the beach. This is the top beach destination for gay travellers.

These are the two closest beaches to your Mykonos shelter called Dolce Vita Villa. Of course, we are going to return with more information about the beaches of Mykonos and where you will live magical moments by the beach of an island like no other! Meanwhile, visit our website for more photos, bookings and ideas at