The cruises you should do in Mykonos Island. The Dolce Vita Villa suggestions!

A Cruise around of Mykonos

Life in Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos is really sweet and you will discover it once you step in the opulent premises after reserving through But there is still a whole island to discover. An island with pure Aegean beauties and attractions that once you step in you will be part of this unique destination. One of the activities that you definitely have to do is a day cruise. Today, we will give you two ideas to discover the coastal beauty of Mykonos island while you are staying in Dolce Vita Villa.

Cruise 1 – Sailing around the island of Mykonos. The people of Dolce Vita Villa will analyse you all the possibilities to enjoy a laid back day on the deck of a luxurious yacht. The best route that you have to follow is just sailing around the island. The captain will show you hidden beaches and unspoilt coastal corners where you will enjoy swimming, being together with your friends and family. Tip: Arrange to have lunch on board with lots of drinks and, if you feel adventurous, ask for scuba diving equipment.

Cruise 2 – A cruise to the island of Delos. The island of Delos is among the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean and you should definitely pay a visit there to admire the ruins of the eras of prosperity that this little island has lived. Ancient Greeks and Romans left their mark where it is said that was the birth place of the God of Light, Apollo. Ask to be accompanied by a guide that will tell you everything about the rich history of the island of Delos. Tip: You can combine a cruise around of Mykonos with a stop to the island of Delos. Dedicate at least two hours for your visit here.

You can live more either in the sea or the hinterland of Mykonos island. For more ideas just visit to see what’s more to admire, live and experience while you are staying in Dolce Vita Villa in Mykonos.